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Top 10 Ways To Personalize Your Home

Top 10 Ways To Personalize Your Home

Top 10 Ways To Personalize Your Home

Your home is one of the most magical places. Itís where you spend time with family; itís where your kids will grow up and itís where you will make so many memories. Personalized Home Decor is a great way to add your personality and style to your humble abode, but sometimes it can be hard to find unique decor pieces for a price that fits your budget. Weíve gathered 10 strategies that will give any home that extra touch of love!


10. Bring Your Decorations to the Door

Personalized Now Entering Door Mat

Your home doesnít stop at your front door! Your front stoop or porch is the first thing your guests will see, so itís the perfect chance to make a big impression. Put out a quirky Personalized Welcome Mat that shows off your familyís style and personality. For the family that jams together, goes to concerts together, and canít stop listening to music check out our Personalized Mix tape Doormat. Or for a funny take on a town sign try the Now Entering Doormat.


9. Make Your Couch Extra Cozy

Personalized Pillow - Family TreeFamily Live Laugh Love Personalized Pillow

Your couch is your first stop after a long day of work, and itís the best spot to cuddle up close with your loved ones. But a couch without throw pillows and blankets is like a house without furniture. Look for personalized blankets and pillows to give your couch that warm, comfy feeling. Top off your couch with Personalized Pillows that can be customized with your familyís name. The tree and bird design on this Family Tree Pillow brings a touch of whimsy and nature to any couch or chair, while the bold font on this Family Live Laugh Love Pillow is an eye-catcher!  We love that you get to choose a ďyear established.Ē Itís a fantastic way to celebrate the big milestone years in your familyís history.


8. Have some fun with fonts

Turning letters into artistic, creative decorations is a great way to add beauty to your home, while also displaying your familyís name. Urban, and funky styles are currently trending so look for industrial fonts that really pop. This Personalized Architectural Family Name Printadds a pop of color and creativity to any room. Itís a great personalized piece for any hallway, entryway, or living room.


7. Give him something to love

So maybe your husband insists on having a man cave in your home? He may want to add a personal touch to his spot but doesnít want monogrammed or floral anything decorating the walls, especially not when the guys are over to watch the big game. If youíre looking to decorate and personalize a man cave, look for pieces that have a vintage, yet masculine inspired look. A Wine Barrel Sign is sure to please you and him. Heíll love this personalized piece and its old-fashioned speakeasy vibe.


6. Snack Time is Family Time

Having a movie night is a great way to spend quality time together as a family. And if youíre planning a movie night youíll definitely need popcorn to complete the night. Our Personalized Popcorn Bowlsmake for cute and fun containers, perfect for serving popcorn. And the classic calligraphy font makes this bowl an artistic piece to display on your kitchen counter, or at the top of a cabinet. The whole family wonít be able to wait for movie night with this popcorn bowl!

5. Make Happy Hour Happier  

Whatís dinner without a little drink? If you love to entertain and host at your home then youíll know the importance of always having a bottle opener on hand. A great home decorating strategy is to make functional pieces decorative and decorative pieces functional. This Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher turns a decorative bar sign into a functioning bottle opener that will even catch all the bottle caps! Plus you can choose from an array of designs and personalize this piece with your name.


4. Spice things up in the Bedroom

Be the beauty to his beast! While the kids may seem to rule the rest of your home, your bedroom is a sanctuary for adults only. Make your bed feel luxurious without breaking the bank by tossing on some unique throw pillows. Our Personalized Couples Throw Pillow Setadds personality (and sense of humor) to any bedroom.


3. Get Cooking in the Kitchen

Whether your family is baking a big batch of holiday cookies, or chowing down into one of your tasty weeknight creations, it all happens in the kitchen. Your family will make so many memories in the kitchen and at the table, so you want your dining area to feel warm, loving, and personal. Personalized plates and glassware add family flair to your dining goods and the kids love having their very own plate, bowl, or cup. Your kids will love these Personalized Ice Cream Bowls that feature their own name and a customized character.  

2. Play by the house rules!

Home is for family and family is for love, fun, and great memories. Look for decor pieces that can be personalized with your familyís name for truly unique art work. Personalized Family Wall Artdisplays your family name in big, beautiful letters. It draws the eye in and is the perfect accent piece for a living room or den. And we love that it also reminds the kids (and adults) of your core family values.


1. Location, location, location!

Your home is more than just your house; itís your backyard, your street, your neighborhood. A great way to personalize your living room is to add wall decor thatís unique to your town or neighborhood. With a Personalized Aerial Map you can have a beautiful aerial shot of your home framed into a cute house shape. Itís perfect for sprucing up a dull entryway and will make a big impression on guests.

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